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Food Additives and Ingredients Association

Food Standards Agency

European Food Safety Authority

Chemical Industry Education Centre

British Nutrition Foundation

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA

International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI, Europe)

International Food Information Council

Federation of European Food Additives and Food Enzymes Industries

Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN

EU Consumer Policy and Consumer Protection

Institute of Food Science and Technology

British Potato Council

European Starch Association

International Glutamate Information Service (IGIS)

Further reading

E for additives
Possibly the book that sparked the debate on food additives. First published in 1984 and revised in 1988, some E-numbers are not included but it is still a comprehensive view of additives, their roles and possible effects on the body. Authors: Maurice Hanssen and Jill Marsden, published by HarperCollins.
Food Safety: questions and answers
Peter Cox and Peggy Bruseau, Food safety advisory Centre, 1993.
Food Science, a chemical approach
Brian A. Fox and Allan G. Cameron, 6th Edition, Edward Arnold, 1995.
Flavor Chemistry and Technology
Henry B. Heath and Gary Reineccius, Macmillan, 1986